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George and Elise Shadow – Classic Art and Design, Inc.
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Accomplished trompe l’oeil muralist George Shadow successfully merges classical figurative art with traditional and period techniques in fine decorative painting and faux finishing. He is a versatile artist with a wide range of technical experience able to restore or recreate period artwork, faux finishes and decorative painted surfaces, from Antiquity to that of the Post Modern era. He has worked on restoration projects such as the historical Thomas Fallon House in San Jose, Arts & Crafts, Victorian and Art Deco period buildings and residences on the West Coast.

Inspired by the art of antiquity, George has been creating original sculpted mural fragments that appear to be excavated sections of walls from Pompeii, Herculaneum, Renaissance villas or derived from works of later periods. Many are in private collections nationwide.

More examples of George’s trompe l’oeil murals, fine wood graining or marbleizing, multi-layered faux stone illusions or gilding and antiquing can be viewed on the Classic Art and Design, Inc. website.